Ron Swede Kenison Memorial Award

Ron "Swede" Kenison Memorial Award

The Frontier Conference Presidents, Athletic Directors and Commissioner established this award as the highest award presented by the conference to people that may be recognized by any of the member institutions. 

The Ron "Swede" Kenison Award will be presented to people nominated by member school administrative officers for outstanding contributions that have been made to the Frontier Conference over a long period of time. 

These award candidates could be a promoter of the conference, a long time employee of the conference or a long time supporter of the conference who all have made valuable contributions to the growth and well being of the Frontier Conference.


Ron "Swede" Kenison Award Winners

Barb Kenison (Click Here for Story)

Donald 'Casey' Keltz (Click Here for Story)(Click Here for Acceptance Story)

Frank Mathew (Cick here for Story)

Sonny Holland (Click here for Story)

Bob 'Putter' Petrino Sr. (Click here for Story)

Bob Green (Click here for Story)

Dr. Gene McAllister Click here for Story