2008 Volleyball Schedule
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 22 MSU-Northern @ Dickinson State University0-3 
   MSU-Northern vs. Minot State University0-3 
  10:00 AMUniversity of Great Falls vs. The Master's College0-3 
 Cougar Classic at Azusa Pacific
  10:00 AMCarroll College vs. Valley City State University3-2 
  10:00 AMMontana Tech vs. Minot State University3-1 
 DAC/Frontier Crossover Tournament
  12:00 PMSouth Dakota School of Mines & Tech. vs. Montana Western3-1 
  1:00 PMCorban College @ Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
 Holiday Inn Express Tournament
  2:00 PMUniversity of Great Falls vs. Biola University0-3 
 APU Cougar Classic
  2:00 PMCarroll College vs. University of Jamestown3-1 
 DAC/Frontier Crossover Tournament
  2:00 PMMontana Tech vs. Valley City State University3-0 
 DAC/Frontier Crossover Tournament
  2:30 PMWestminster College vs. College of Idaho0-3 
 NAIA Tournament of Champions
  4:00 PMColorado Mesa University vs. Westminster College3-1 
 Westminster Invitational
  4:00 PMRocky Mountain College vs. Minot State University3-1 
 Frontier/DAC Crossover
  6:00 PMUniversity of Jamestown vs. Montana Western3-1 
  6:00 PMRocky Mountain College @ Dickinson State University3-2 
 Frontier/DAC Crossover
  9:00 PMConcordia University @ Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
 Holiday Inn Express Tournament
 23 MSU-Northern vs. Valley City State University0-3 
   MSU-Northern vs. South Dakota School of Mines & Tech.1-3 
  9:00 AMMontana Tech vs. South Dakota School of Mines & Tech.3-0 
 DAC/Frontier Crossover Tournament
  11:30 AMCarroll College vs. Dickinson State University3-0 
  12:00 PMUniversity of Great Falls vs. California Baptist University0-3 
 Cougar Classic at Azusa Pacific (Calif.)
  12:00 PMNorthwest University @ Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
 Holiday Inn Express Tournament
  1:00 PMMinot State University vs. Montana Western3-2 
  1:00 PMRocky Mountain College vs. University of Jamestown0-3 
 Frontier/DAC Crossover
  3:00 PMConcordia University @ Westminster College3-1 
 Westminster Invitational
  3:00 PMCarroll College vs. South Dakota School of Mines & Tech.3-1 
  3:00 PMMontana Tech vs. University of Jamestown1-3 
 DAC/Frontier Crossover Tournament
  4:00 PMUniversity of Great Falls @ Azusa Pacific University3-0 
 Azusa Pacific (Calif.) Cougar Classic
  5:00 PMDickinson State University vs. Montana Western1-3 
 DAC/Frontier Conference Crossover Tournament
  5:00 PMRocky Mountain College vs. Valley City State University3-0 
 Frontier/DAC Crossover
  7:00 PMWestmont College @ Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
 Holiday Inn Express Tournament
 2611:00 AMUniversity of Great Falls vs. San Diego Christian3-0 
 Played in Azusa, CA
 277:00 PMUniversity of Great Falls @ Hope International University3-0 
 2911:00 AMMontana Tech vs. Bellevue University1-3 
 Concordia-Irvine Tournament: Irvine, CA
  12:00 PMUniversity of Great Falls vs. University of Jamestown3-1 
 Crowne Plaza Labor Day Tournament: Irvine, CA
  1:00 PMCarroll College vs. Westmont College1-3 
  2:00 PMWestminster College @ Vanguard University0-3 
 Concordia Labor Day Tournament Coach Marissa Cothran 1st collegiate victory
  3:30 PMHoly Names University vs. Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
  5:00 PMCarroll College vs. San Diego Christian3-0 
  6:00 PMUniversity of Great Falls @ Concordia University0-3 
 Crowne-Plaza Labor Day Tournament: Irvine, CA
  7:00 PMMontana Tech vs. Westmont College0-3 
 Concordia-Irvine Tournament: Irvine, CA
  8:00 PMWestminster College vs. Biola University0-3 Box Score
 Concordia Labor Day Tournament
  8:30 PMLewis-Clark State College @ Concordia University3-2 
 309:00 AMCarroll College vs. TBA3-0 
 Saint Marys (NE)
  11:00 AMMontana Tech vs. San Diego Christian3-1 
 Concordia-Irvine Tournament: Irvine, CA
  12:00 PMWestminster College vs. Westmont College1-3 
 Concordia-Irvine Tournament: Irvine, CA
  12:00 PMUniversity of Great Falls vs. Vanguard University0-3 
 Crowne Plaza Labor Day Tournament: Irvine, CA
  12:45 PMNorthwest University vs. Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
  1:00 PMCarroll College vs. Hope International University1-3 
  3:00 PMMontana Tech @ Vanguard University0-3 
 Concordia-Irvine Tournament: Irvine, CA
  4:00 PMUniversity of Great Falls vs. Westmont College3-1 
 Crowne Plaza Labor Day Tournament: Irvine, CA
  4:30 PMMSU-Northern vs. Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
  6:00 PMWestminster College vs. Fresno Pacific University0-3 
 Concordia Labor Day Tournament
 37:00 PMMontana Tech @ Montana Western3-2 
 512:00 PMOklahoma Wesleyan University @ University of Great Falls0-3 
 Holiday Inn Classic: September 5-6, 2008
  12:00 PMMenlo College vs. Lewis-Clark State College2-3 
  1:00 PMMontana Western vs. Whitman College3-0 
 Whitworth Tournament
  2:00 PMRocky Mountain College vs. Azusa Pacific University0-3 
 UGF-Carroll Holiday Inn Classic
  4:00 PMMontana Tech vs. Minot State University3-1 
 Carroll/UGF Tournament Helena, MT
  5:00 PMRocky Mountain College vs. Oklahoma Wesleyan University3-0 
 UGF-Carroll Holiday Inn Classic
  6:00 PMWhitman College vs. Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
  7:00 PMMontana Western vs. Whitworth College2-3 
  7:00 PMAzusa Pacific University @ University of Great Falls3-0 
 Holiday Inn Classic: September 5-6, 2008
  7:00 PMMinot State University @ Carroll College0-3 Box Score
 611:00 AMMontana Tech vs. Azusa Pacific University0-3 
 Carroll/UGF Tournament Helena, MT
  12:00 PMMontana Western vs. Menlo College0-3 
  1:00 PMMinot State University @ University of Great Falls3-2 
 Holiday Inn Classic: September 5-6, 2008
  1:00 PMOklahoma Wesleyan University @ Carroll College0-3 Box Score
  3:00 PMMontana Western vs. Lewis-Clark State College1-3 
 Whitworth Invitational
  4:00 PMMontana Tech vs. Oklahoma Wesleyan University3-0 
 Carroll/UGF Tournament Helena, MT
  4:00 PMRocky Mountain College vs. Minot State University3-0 
 UGF-Carroll Holiday Inn Classic
  7:00 PMLewis-Clark State College @ Whitworth College3-0 
 Whitworth Invitational
  7:00 PMAzusa Pacific University @ Carroll College3-0 
 Carroll/UGF Holiday Inn Classic
 107:00 PMUniversity of Hawaii-Hilo @ Rocky Mountain College3-1 
117:00 PMMontana Western @ Westminster College0-3 
 7:00 PMMSU-Northern @ University of Great Falls1-3 
 7:00 PMCarroll College @ Rocky Mountain College0-3 
 9:00 PMMontana Tech @ Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
132:00 PMMontana Tech @ Westminster College2-3 
 3:00 PMMontana Western @ Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
187:00 PMRocky Mountain College @ Montana Western3-0 
 7:00 PMWestminster College @ University of Great Falls0-3 
 7:00 PMCarroll College @ Montana Tech3-2 
197:00 PMLewis-Clark State College @ MSU-Northern3-0 
 7:00 PMCarroll College @ Montana Western3-1 
 7:00 PMRocky Mountain College @ Montana Tech3-1 
202:00 PMLewis-Clark State College @ University of Great Falls3-0 
 7:00 PMWestminster College @ MSU-Northern3-0 
 237:00 PMRocky Mountain College @ Montana State University-Billings0-3 
257:00 PMMontana Tech @ Montana Western3-2 
 7:00 PMUniversity of Great Falls @ Carroll College1-3 
267:00 PMLewis-Clark State College @ Westminster College3-0 
 7:00 PMMSU-Northern @ Rocky Mountain College0-3 
277:00 PMUniversity of Great Falls @ Rocky Mountain College3-1 
 7:00 PMMSU-Northern @ Carroll College0-3 
27:00 PMRocky Mountain College @ Westminster College3-2 
 7:00 PMCarroll College @ Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
37:00 PMMontana Western @ University of Great Falls0-3 
 7:00 PMMontana Tech @ MSU-Northern3-2 
42:00 PMCarroll College @ Westminster College3-1 
 4:00 PMRocky Mountain College @ Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
 7:00 PMMontana Western @ MSU-Northern2-3 
 7:00 PMMontana Tech @ University of Great Falls0-3 
 87:00 PMLewis-Clark State College @ College of Idaho3-2 
 10 Carroll College @ MSU-Northern3-1 
  12:00 PMWestminster College vs. Georgetown College1-3 
 Olivet Nazarene Tournament
  4:00 PMWestminster College @ Olivet Nazarene University0-3 
 Holiday Inn Express Tournament, Bourbonnais, Ill.
 117:00 AMWestminster College vs. William Penn University0-3 
 Olivet Nazarene Tournament
  11:00 AMWestminster College vs. Saint Xavier University3-2 
 Olivet Nazarene Tournament
 147:00 PMMontana State University-Billings @ Rocky Mountain College2-3 
167:00 PMWestminster College @ Montana Western3-0 
 7:00 PMUniversity of Great Falls @ MSU-Northern3-1 
 7:00 PMLewis-Clark State College @ Montana Tech1-3 
 LCSC 1st Loss, Nationally ranked #9
 7:00 PMRocky Mountain College @ Carroll College3-2 
177:00 PMLewis-Clark State College @ Montana Western3-0 
 7:00 PMWestminster College @ Montana Tech3-2 
237:00 PMMontana Western @ Rocky Mountain College0-3 
 7:00 PMUniversity of Great Falls @ Westminster College2-3 
 7:00 PMMontana Tech @ Carroll College0-3 
 8:00 PMMSU-Northern @ Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
247:00 PMMontana Western @ Carroll College1-3 
252:00 PMMSU-Northern @ Westminster College0-3 
 2:00 PMMontana Tech @ Rocky Mountain College1-3 
 3:00 PMUniversity of Great Falls @ Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
307:00 PMMontana Western @ Montana Tech0-3 
317:00 PMWestminster College @ Lewis-Clark State College2-3 
 7:00 PMCarroll College @ University of Great Falls2-3 
 7:00 PMRocky Mountain College @ MSU-Northern3-0 
15:00 PMRocky Mountain College @ University of Great Falls1-3 
 7:00 PMCarroll College @ MSU-Northern3-0 
 67:00 PMMontana Western @ Idaho State University0-3 
 7:00 PMWestminster College @ Rocky Mountain College0-3 
 7:00 PMLewis-Clark State College @ Carroll College3-2 
77:00 PMUniversity of Great Falls @ Montana Western0-3 
 7:00 PMLewis-Clark State College @ Rocky Mountain College1-3 
 7:00 PMWestminster College @ Carroll College3-0 
 7:00 PMMSU-Northern @ Montana Tech0-3 
 8:00 PMMontana State-Northern @ Montana Tech0-3 
87:00 PMMSU-Northern @ Montana Western3-2 
 7:00 PMUniversity of Great Falls @ Montana Tech3-2 
 141:00 PMRocky Mountain College vs. MSU-Northern3-0 
 Frontier Conference Tournament, Quarterfinal Round
  3:00 PMMontana Tech vs. University of Great Falls3-2 
 Frontier Conference Tournament, Quarterfinal Round
  7:00 PMMontana Western vs. Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
 Frontier Conference Tournament, Quarterfinal Round
  9:00 PMWestminster College vs. Carroll College0-3 
 Frontier Conference Tournament, Quarterfinal Round
 1512:00 PMMontana Tech vs. Rocky Mountain College1-3 
 Frontier Conference Tournament
  2:00 PMCarroll College @ Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
 Frontier Conference Tournament
  8:00 PMRocky Mountain College @ Lewis-Clark State College0-3 
 Frontier Conference Tournament Championship
 228:30 PMShawnee State University @ Lewis-Clark State College1-3 
 1st Round NAIA National Volleyball Tournament
 25:00 PMLewis-Clark State College vs. Madonna University3-2 
 NAIA National Tournament Pool Play Day 1
 32:45 PMLewis-Clark State College vs. Biola University0-3 
 NAIA National Tournament Pool Play Day 2
 42:45 PMLubbock Christian vs. Lewis-Clark State College3-1 
 NAIA National Championships - Pool B (LCU advances)
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  • Event times are Mountain